Green Waffle Diner

Our motto  at the Green Waffle Diner is “Everyday Food For Everyday People”. We humbly strive to be a place that provides comfort food at a great value for our customers, so that everybody can enjoy it anytime.

Our specialty is in providing comfort food, like our famous and delicious waffles and skillets that are made fresh to order.

We only use the freshest ingredients that are prepared with care all in house.

We hope that your experience at the Green Waffle is enjoyable and carefree while you enjoy your food and drinks with your family and friends.


Green Waffle Diner的忠旨是「Everyday Food for Everyday People」。我們每天致力為客人製作精美而令人們喜悅的健康食物,並以商宜的價格,及用餐環境,並希望可以讓人們無時無刻都可享受到這份喜悅。

每一份菜式我們都選用新鮮的食材,並即時在廚房精心製作。由其是我們主打的窩夫及鑊仔薯粒。我們將努力地讓Green Waffle Diner繼續成為客人一家大小,良朋歡聚為首選的餐廳!

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